she was born on june 1, 1974    i was born on june 15, 1974  /  she writes her own songs   i write parodies of her own songs.
she let dave coulier hump her   i lust for the same kind of man  /  she is angry towards christianity    i am angry towards mock religions
she acts like she is traumatically brain-injured     i have a tbi (traumatic brain-injury)


she likes to offend conventionality    i like to offend progressives / she worked with view askew   i talked to dante about my script
she is well-known now because of madonna's blond ambition  /  i was well-known in school for the same reason

(and if you think her "jagged little pill" was angry, you should see me bash the "anything a man can do" crowd of masculine well as the masculine insufficiencies known as gay "men"

if you click my pic, i promise not to think in your mouth

"i'm slim shady, yes, i'm the real shady - all you other slim shadies are just imitating"
there is a twitter "jagged little dyl" wannabee, "ThaCrackMessiah"/"rapmusicliker", it's not me.
i do not use any "social networking" website - other people just take time away from DYLAN

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